Picture of how to Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar

There are several ways that wood furniture can be cleaned and made to look sparkling and all new again and one of such ways is the use of vinegar.

Using vinegar for wood furniture is not only effective but it is also very affordable and convenient. Vinegar is made from a combination of starch and sugar.

Unlike other products, it will not damage your wood finish and it is non-toxic to humans and pets. Are you planning on your next cleaning routine? Here’s how to clean wood furniture with vinegar.

Preparing To Clean

You have to get the wood furniture ready before cleaning it. You may want to remove the cushions and pillows from the wood furniture to make room for easy access.

This will give you room to clean every nook and cranny thoroughly. This also guards against the eventuality of damaging your pillows and cushion if they are not able to withstand the solution used for cleaning.

Vinegar can have adverse effects on some materials because of its acid content. To clean the pillows or cushions before arranging them back on the furniture, you have to check the tags on them to know how best to clean them and what to clean them with, whether with water, dry cleaning, etc.

i. Rid The Furniture Of Dust

Before cleaning your wood furniture with vinegar, you should get rid of dust. You can do this with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. A stationary brush may be the best option because chances are the spinning brush may leave scratches on the furniture.

You can also clean the furniture with a damp cloth. This is effective for getting dust completely out and ensuring a thorough cleaning.

A stationary brush may be the best option because chances are the spinning brush may leave scratches on the furniture.

You can also clean the furniture with a damp cloth. This is effective for getting dust completely out and ensuring a thorough cleaning.

ii. Items You Will Need

You will need vinegar and water, olive oil or whatever is recommended, for dilution. You will also use a bowl or bucket for the mixture. You will need a cloth for cleaning the wood furniture.

The Cleaning Process

picture of Cleaning Wood Furniture With Vinegar

i. Dilute The Vinegar

Cleaning wood furniture with vinegar is a smart choice and there are several ways around it. The first thing to do is dilute the vinegar. Vinegar is a form of acetic acid derived from a combination of starches and sugars.

It might be too harsh for some surfaces but when diluted with water or olive oil, it can be used without damaging wood finishing.

For simple cleaning, diluting white vinegar with water is okay but if you want to achieve a polish, you should dilute with olive oil.

For cleaning, dilute the vinegar with water – say in a proportion of 45 mL of vinegar for every 240 mL of water.

For polishing, add one cup of olive oil to a half cup of vinegar. Mix the combinations properly before use. This cleaning solution is superb.

ii. Test the Solution

After mixing the vinegar with water or olive oil in the right proportion, dampen a small portion of the cloth for the cleaning and test it on a hidden part of the furniture.

Testing is to decipher if the mixture is right and if it will damage the wood. Testing is important because of the acid content of vinegar.

You should use a hidden part of the furniture so that if the wood reacts to the solution, the damage will be minimal and won’t be visible.

iii. Clean The Furniture

The next step is to clean the furniture with the solution. You should apply the solution to the furniture with a clean cloth.  The mixture is also effective when used from a spray bottle.

You could wet a cloth with the solution and wring it out so that is it not excessively wet and clean the furniture. Start with small circular motions and work your way through the whole furniture.

You should rinse the cloth or switch to a new one when it gets very dirt so that you do not spread the dirt all over the furniture again. The vinegar cleans off every dust without damaging any finishes.

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After Cleaning

While using vinegar to clean your furniture is okay, you also have to be cautious.  Before cleaning your furniture with vinegar, check the tags to know the manufacturer’s specifications for cleaning.

Where this is not provided, you should contact the manufacturer through their website or customer service lines and make the proper inquiries.

Also, make sure to dilute the vinegar with other substances or liquid as specified above. You can use water, olive oil, or whatever is compatible with the vinegar for the required purpose.

After dilution, make sure to test the solution on a hidden place of the furniture to decipher if the solution is suitable for it. This will guard against using a mixture that will damage the finishing.

While cleaning your furniture, do not spray the solution directly on the furniture and make sure to wring out the cloth completely to avoid dampening the furniture. If too much liquid penetrates the wood, it may cause damage.

There are various household items that you can use to carry out effective cleaning and vinegar is one of them.

By diluting with readily available water and olive oil, you can always clean your wooden furniture at any time. However, make sure you use it cautiously and wisely.