Selling furniture online can be a terrible task to think of doing. That’s if you don’t really want to do it, but you need the money.

But what if you want to actually make money? What are some simple ways you can do that?

Thankfully came out with 6 handy tips to sell furniture online:

New year, new apartment? Maybe not entirely, but it might very well be time to finally get rid of a piece that bogged you down emotionally last year. If for you it’s a “vintage” IKEA bookshelf that only continues to stay standing by the grace of God, look to the curb. But if it’s a nicer piece that you’re just sick of looking at, or a hand-me-down you’ve been wanting to upgrade, or even a thing you bought new that just doesn’t work the way you want it to, there’s always the resale market. Sure, you could take the item to your neighborhood consignment shop (and we fully support that move, if they’re into your stuff!), but it’s even easier to post it on one of the many digital resale sites that are continually cropping up to service this exact scenario. There are some tricks to making that go very smoothly, however, so here are six steps to successfully selling your furniture online.

1. Find the right site (or, okay, app). There’s certainly no shortage of options out there, so how to know which is best for you? By simply poking around these sites you’ll be able to get a feel for the kinds of products that shoppers go to them for, which should help you narrow down to one or two you’d like to try. Start by listing a few items on a single site and see how you like the process before committing whole-hog to it, and try a new one if it ever lets you down. Here’s what we like to sell on a bunch of sites:

  • eBay: vintage lamps and mirrors; antique and vintage rugs

  • Craigslist: near giveaways that you want to off-load ASAP (price them to sell!)

  • Etsy: artwork and medium-size vintage furnishings, such as chairs

  • Chairish: trend-forward items (this is the place to off-load anything pink, rattan, or velvet, for example)

  • AptDeco: larger or unwieldy pieces, as they have a service that will pick up and deliver if you sell

  • EBTH: a whole home’s worth of stuff, as they’ll help handle photographing, cataloging, listing, and delivering

  • Previously Owned By a Gay Man: the stuff you wish you could keep

Previously owned by a gay man? LOL I guess that’s a good thing, right? While those sites are all well and good if you trying to sell your own furniture, what if you trying to sell somebody else’s furniture?

And by that, what if you are trying to earn a PROFIT? This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. You can actually sell furniture without having to touch it by sharing the profit with a manufacturer. There are affiliate courses like Affilorama that actually goes into detail on how you can set up your own website or campaign to sell other peoples stuff.

Well I hope you found that helpful, stayed tune to our next post!