I came across a website and I remembered the piece of woodwork that I made during my earlier days. I grew up in a room with full of art materials – different sizes of pencils, colors, sketchpads, and a lot more. I am always fascinated with the creativity and works of art that the world is bringing right in front of my eyes.

What is Woodworking?

For some, woodworking is just cutting boards in different sizes and assembling them to make it something useful and functional. For me, it is a work of art where you can fully express your emotions and creativity. Woodworking is not an easy task because it requires a lot of patience and knowledge to acquire the desired results.

Isn’t it overwhelming to make beautiful work of art with your own hands? Creating a content on your blog about woodworking is exciting. Yes, woodworking, why not?

Best Woodworking Affiliate Program

Teaching your audience the basics of creating new crafts may encourage them to keep coming back to your blog. Here are some few woodworking affiliate programs to make your content more relevant. it can also help your audience identify the tools and equipment needed for these works of art.

Furniture and Wood Craft Plans

Furniture and Wood Craft Plans covers all the materials you need to make your own high-end and high-quality woodworking crafts. It has a wide variety of project plans that are highly detailed but are easy to follow by the woodwork professionals or even the amateur ones in the field. It is a good affiliate program that offers a huge commission of 75%.

EZ Wood Projects

EZ Wood Projects is an Ebook that offers templates, tutorials, and guidelines for a woodwork project. It offers the basic learning guides and diagrams that will teach the new woodworkers to obtain new techniques such as the proper methods on measuring and cutting their boards. This affiliate program pays also a huge commission of 50% for every digital product.

Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking has both digital copies online and print copies to offer to its clients such as books and magazines that are sold in bookstores all over the U.S.  It is truly a comprehensive guide where the clients can subscribe for both digital and print copies of their magazines. It offers a very good commission pay at 12% on all qualifying sales.

JMBoxwood Woodworking

JMBoxwood Woodworking creates professional wood piece and sells refined hand-crafted furnitures. It also has a wide assortment of good quality and fully furnished wood products to promote to its client where they can choose already their ideal project outcome. JMBoxwood Woodworking offers a respectable 10% commission for qualifying sales also.

Armani Fine Woodworking

Armani Fine Woodworking specializes on the custom-made high-quality wood tabletops. It lets the clients choose their preferred styles and designs for their woodwork projects from the huge collection of beautifully completed and polished woodwork projects. It offers up to 7% commission with a 365-day cookie – a must-have for a woodworking blog.

The Wrap Up

Woodworking is a niche full of fun and great deals where one can gradually learn and enjoy making a beautiful craft with their own hands. Woodworking affiliate programs can help boost your website’s conversion in terms of extra income. At the same time become a great source of information for people who love to dabble into this sort of hobby.