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How To Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar

Picture of how to Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar

There are several ways that wood furniture can be cleaned and made to look sparkling and all new again and one of such ways is the use of vinegar.

Using vinegar for wood furniture is not only effective but it is also very affordable and convenient. Vinegar is made from a combination of starch and sugar.

Unlike other products, it will not damage your wood finish and it is non-toxic to humans and pets. Are you planning on your next cleaning routine? Here’s how to clean wood furniture with vinegar.

Preparing To Clean

You have to get the wood furniture ready before cleaning it. You may want to remove the cushions and pillows from the wood furniture to make room for easy access.

This will give you room to clean every nook and cranny thoroughly. This also guards against the eventuality of damaging your pillows and cushion if they are not able to withstand the solution used for cleaning.

Vinegar can have adverse effects on some materials because of its acid content. To clean the pillows or cushions before arranging them back on the furniture, you have to check the tags on them to know how best to clean them and what to clean them with, whether with water, dry cleaning, etc.

i. Rid The Furniture Of Dust

Before cleaning your wood furniture with vinegar, you should get rid of dust. You can do this with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. A stationary brush may be the best option because chances are the spinning brush may leave scratches on the furniture.

You can also clean the furniture with a damp cloth. This is effective for getting dust completely out and ensuring a thorough cleaning.

A stationary brush may be the best option because chances are the spinning brush may leave scratches on the furniture.

You can also clean the furniture with a damp cloth. This is effective for getting dust completely out and ensuring a thorough cleaning.

ii. Items You Will Need

You will need vinegar and water, olive oil or whatever is recommended, for dilution. You will also use a bowl or bucket for the mixture. You will need a cloth for cleaning the wood furniture.

The Cleaning Process

picture of Cleaning Wood Furniture With Vinegar

i. Dilute The Vinegar

Cleaning wood furniture with vinegar is a smart choice and there are several ways around it. The first thing to do is dilute the vinegar. Vinegar is a form of acetic acid derived from a combination of starches and sugars.

It might be too harsh for some surfaces but when diluted with water or olive oil, it can be used without damaging wood finishing.

For simple cleaning, diluting white vinegar with water is okay but if you want to achieve a polish, you should dilute with olive oil.

For cleaning, dilute the vinegar with water – say in a proportion of 45 mL of vinegar for every 240 mL of water.

For polishing, add one cup of olive oil to a half cup of vinegar. Mix the combinations properly before use. This cleaning solution is superb.

ii. Test the Solution

After mixing the vinegar with water or olive oil in the right proportion, dampen a small portion of the cloth for the cleaning and test it on a hidden part of the furniture.

Testing is to decipher if the mixture is right and if it will damage the wood. Testing is important because of the acid content of vinegar.

You should use a hidden part of the furniture so that if the wood reacts to the solution, the damage will be minimal and won’t be visible.

iii. Clean The Furniture

The next step is to clean the furniture with the solution. You should apply the solution to the furniture with a clean cloth.  The mixture is also effective when used from a spray bottle.

You could wet a cloth with the solution and wring it out so that is it not excessively wet and clean the furniture. Start with small circular motions and work your way through the whole furniture.

You should rinse the cloth or switch to a new one when it gets very dirt so that you do not spread the dirt all over the furniture again. The vinegar cleans off every dust without damaging any finishes.

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After Cleaning

While using vinegar to clean your furniture is okay, you also have to be cautious.  Before cleaning your furniture with vinegar, check the tags to know the manufacturer’s specifications for cleaning.

Where this is not provided, you should contact the manufacturer through their website or customer service lines and make the proper inquiries.

Also, make sure to dilute the vinegar with other substances or liquid as specified above. You can use water, olive oil, or whatever is compatible with the vinegar for the required purpose.

After dilution, make sure to test the solution on a hidden place of the furniture to decipher if the solution is suitable for it. This will guard against using a mixture that will damage the finishing.

While cleaning your furniture, do not spray the solution directly on the furniture and make sure to wring out the cloth completely to avoid dampening the furniture. If too much liquid penetrates the wood, it may cause damage.

There are various household items that you can use to carry out effective cleaning and vinegar is one of them.

By diluting with readily available water and olive oil, you can always clean your wooden furniture at any time. However, make sure you use it cautiously and wisely.

Five Best Furniture Manufacturers In China

When it comes to furniture anywhere in the world, you need to purchase one with reliable material, assured durability, and have a good return for your money. When you’re in China, the same need applies. You are only assured of these qualities when you buy from the best China furniture manufacturers.

This post will save you the stress of searching for reputable and reliable manufacturers as well as the disappointment that comes with ‘wasting’ your money if you fall into the wrong hands. Here is a list of the best five furniture manufacturers in China with a good reputation to match.

List Of Five Best Furniture Manufacturers In China

Picture of best furniture manufacturer in china


Buser project is a hotel furniture manufacturer and they are reliable for quality furniture to fit any kind/standard of hotel. They produce furniture of various materials, finishes, and colors. They have a sort-after Showroom and Logistics Center located in Istanbul.

You don’t just want a competent manufacturer; you will also appreciate a friendly one. Buser project is rated high in customer relations. They offer free architectural support for customers.

They examine your hotel and professionally decipher your furniture need, make a design for you to view and approve before production. Their furniture is durable and comes with an eight-year warranty!

Buser project was picked among the top five because the have earned it. Established in 1986, Buser Project has decades of experience to its credit. From establishment to date, they have produced furniture for several hotels in 26 countries. Their reputation is global and their customer satisfaction rate is 91%.


This is another master in the game. This brand is known for quality furniture and customer satisfaction. They specialize in building high-class furniture for restaurants, hotels, clubs, villas, cafes, etc. Founded in 2003, they have more than 15 years of experience with a healthy reputation to match.

 Interi Furniture is fast growing with two manufacturing bases – one in Guangzhou, China, and another in Foshan. The later is specifically for hotel and bulk production.

They have branch offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Foshan, Cambodia, Changzhou, Ji’nan, Xi’an, and Handan. Wherever you find yourself among these locations, you just walk into Interi Furniture and you would be fully satisfied.


Artech Furniture Group is located in Guangzhou. It is a reputable company in the production and supply of quality and durable furniture. They specialize in hotel furniture and custom-made residential furniture for sample houses, villa, and apartments.

They have worked with several hotels including Hilton, Holiday Inn, Four Season, etc. Established in 2004, they have garnered an impressive reputation for fifteen years and counting.

The customer satisfaction rate is impressive; they have annual sales of 6M to 24M. Patronizing this brand is always a smart choice.


Lianxia Furniture is located in Foshan 528318, China. This is another trusted manufacturer of quality furniture.  They focus mainly on producing ash wood series home furniture.

If you need a durable sofa, cabinet, coffee table, dresser, nightstand, chairs of all kinds, bed, dining table, etc., all you need to do is contact them and watch creativity at its peak. With a high customer satisfaction rate and a good reputation, you need not fear that your money will go to waste.


The fifth but not the least in this compilation is the trustworthy Guangdong Fumeida Office Furniture Group. The company was established in 2004 and is located at Zhongshan, Guangdong. They have fifteen years of market excellence and customer satisfaction.

Their products are reliable and durable. With them, you know your money is well spent. They specialize in office sofas, office chairs, office tables, file cabinet.

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What Is The Selection Criteria?

Before coming up with this list, a scrutiny of these five companies had been made. Our focus is on tangible results and not just hearsay. We considered their reputation, customer satisfaction rate, and past work record.

Looking into these areas, we found out that these companies are among the best furniture manufacturers in China. We were not blinded by the number of years in the market but considered the results available over time.

Several people have reviewed these companies and can testify to the quality of their products. We selected them to suit all kinds of furniture needs. If you want furniture for hotels, restaurants, offices, and houses, you are sure to get your desired results at one of these manufacturers.

This goes to say that within this list you can have any kind of furniture for any designated purpose made. Their charges will not bore holes in your pocket and you will have the very best.

Our selection was also done in light of the companies or organizations they have worked with. Any manufacturer who has gained the trust of high ranking companies and successfully sustained it is worth considering. These manufacturers have worked with several high-profile businesses without a hitch.

Considering this, we are certain that they are more than capable to handle any project you might have. These companies have taken their time to build their empires such that they are without an iota of doubt the best in the industry.

Five Best Small Living Room Ideas For Men

According to Subnet Construction, “a living room is considered the heart of the home”. Men spend most of their time in the house in the living room. Going by this, your living room should be comfortable, functional and appealing to you and your visitors.

Perhaps you’re just setting out as a bachelor and make your apartment look good or you’ve been on your own and want a change in the settings of your apartment, here are five of the best small men’s living room ideas for you.

Your house says a lot about you and the story begins from your living room. Your living room is a reflection of your taste in color and size, preferences in terms of art, sense of style, etc. Size does not deter you from having a great living room.

If you’re considering having a small-sized living room due to space or financial reasons, these ideas will help you. They are a perfect match for big, medium and small-sized living rooms.

What Are The Basic Things You Need In Your Living Room?

Your living room is not it without some items. For anyone, bachelors most especially, to be comfortable, these items must be present. They are not negotiable and provide practicality and comfort to your home. Your living room should have good furniture.

Your sofas should be made of quality leather or materials that are soft, and comfortable. They should be practical and cozy. There are several table shapes and sizes, your choice should match your sense of style and every other thing in your living room.

Your chairs and tables should be expertly designed with comfort and style in mind. Curtains come in various sizes, style, and design. The blinds should match everything else so they don’t stand in isolation.

There should be gadgets to match. Technology should have a reserved place, especially if you want to keep up with the 21st-century demands and get aptly entertained and informed.

You should have good audio and video devices, a proportionate television and other gadgets you might fancy. A man should feel at home in his living room.

Hang paintings of your favorite artists and this will add color and style to your living room. Not that your whole wall will be covered with vanities but you should have an appropriate touch of class and added comfort. You can keep a bookshelf by the side.

Books are an amazing means of self-development and having a bookshelf speaks of responsibility. Remember, your living room says something about you. But once you have a bookshelf, stack it with books and read them!

You can acquire all of these but you will need to combine them properly to achieve the most presentable design and that’s where the ideas come in. Here are five living room ideas we think are very good for bachelors. They are classy and ever relevant.

The designs are well-thought and the items look good together. You can decide to have a living room just as any of these or just take a cue from them and get perfectly inspired. Either way, this post is for you.

List Of Five Best Small Living Room Ideas For Men

1. Perfect For Professional Or Academic Bachelor

Picture of best men living room idea

This living room is perfect for a professional or academic bachelor. Packed with a comfortable sofa and table, you can relax and get entertained from your screen.

If you want to work on that project or read something, you’re covered too. Talk about style and class! This is small and comfortable, perfect for every young bachelor.

2. Classy And Comfortable

Picture of mens living room

Any bachelor will love this living room. The colors are harmoniously blended. Made of quality leather, the sofas speak style and class while not neglecting comfort. The curtains are exquisite and apt. This is a perfect small living room for all bachelors.

3. Simple But Sophisticated

Picture of best men living room

Wow! This is sophistication in simplicity. The furniture is appealing and the table is just the right match. The rug is plush and the best fit for it. In this kind of living room, you are oblivious of the passage of time!  The ambiance is captivating. The size is portable and the design is perfect. 

4. Own And Maximize Your Space

Picture living idea for men

This small living room is practical with everything a man needs for comfort. The sofa is well designed and comfortable for relaxation and reading. 

The screen and the bookshelf are proportionate and synchronize with everything else. This living room is conducive to work, study and relaxation. Whatever you want to do, you’re good to go.

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5. Wealth And Creativity

Picture of best living room idea for men

This is a wealth of creativity on display! This living room is suitable for every bachelor. Every item is well arranged. The wall is aptly utilized and the floor is just as amazing.


These styles were picked with bachelors in mind. We considered their comfort, the suitability to their work and the practicality of the living room. The preceding ideas are to set you on the right path of getting your living room up and classy.

If you’re planning to get an apartment soon, do not spurn these ideas. If you’re planning on touching your living room, you have the perfect suggestions at your disposal.

All of the examples speak creativity, class, and moderation in size and expenses. You get to have the best there is without spending too much.

Best Woodworking Affiliate Program

I came across a website and I remembered the piece of woodwork that I made during my earlier days. I grew up in a room with full of art materials – different sizes of pencils, colors, sketchpads, and a lot more. I am always fascinated with the creativity and works of art that the world is bringing right in front of my eyes.

What is Woodworking?

For some, woodworking is just cutting boards in different sizes and assembling them to make it something useful and functional. For me, it is a work of art where you can fully express your emotions and creativity. Woodworking is not an easy task because it requires a lot of patience and knowledge to acquire the desired results.

Isn’t it overwhelming to make beautiful work of art with your own hands? Creating a content on your blog about woodworking is exciting. Yes, woodworking, why not?

Best Woodworking Affiliate Program

Teaching your audience the basics of creating new crafts may encourage them to keep coming back to your blog. Here are some few woodworking affiliate programs to make your content more relevant. it can also help your audience identify the tools and equipment needed for these works of art.

Furniture and Wood Craft Plans

Furniture and Wood Craft Plans covers all the materials you need to make your own high-end and high-quality woodworking crafts. It has a wide variety of project plans that are highly detailed but are easy to follow by the woodwork professionals or even the amateur ones in the field. It is a good affiliate program that offers a huge commission of 75%.

EZ Wood Projects

EZ Wood Projects is an Ebook that offers templates, tutorials, and guidelines for a woodwork project. It offers the basic learning guides and diagrams that will teach the new woodworkers to obtain new techniques such as the proper methods on measuring and cutting their boards. This affiliate program pays also a huge commission of 50% for every digital product.

Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking has both digital copies online and print copies to offer to its clients such as books and magazines that are sold in bookstores all over the U.S.  It is truly a comprehensive guide where the clients can subscribe for both digital and print copies of their magazines. It offers a very good commission pay at 12% on all qualifying sales.

JMBoxwood Woodworking

JMBoxwood Woodworking creates professional wood piece and sells refined hand-crafted furnitures. It also has a wide assortment of good quality and fully furnished wood products to promote to its client where they can choose already their ideal project outcome. JMBoxwood Woodworking offers a respectable 10% commission for qualifying sales also.

Armani Fine Woodworking

Armani Fine Woodworking specializes on the custom-made high-quality wood tabletops. It lets the clients choose their preferred styles and designs for their woodwork projects from the huge collection of beautifully completed and polished woodwork projects. It offers up to 7% commission with a 365-day cookie – a must-have for a woodworking blog.

The Wrap Up

Woodworking is a niche full of fun and great deals where one can gradually learn and enjoy making a beautiful craft with their own hands. Woodworking affiliate programs can help boost your website’s conversion in terms of extra income. At the same time become a great source of information for people who love to dabble into this sort of hobby.

5 Ways A Toronto Psychic Can Help Organize Your Life

Do you know what psychics do?

They read minds, predict the future, move objects without touching it, levitate, talk to the dead and make money. These are just some typical stereotype definitions of what people think they do. The real and ethical ones are way more than these, like Toronto Psychics.

If you dig deeper, you will find out more useful insights. Their aim is to understand your query / problem (may it be related to love, career, family, money or anything else), they will handle what it is that you are trying to find, explore the situation with you, direct you in the right path and indicate some possible choices that you may have for the situation.  

Psychic and Clairvoyant: The two are very similar and both can perform accurate and insightful readings. The only difference is the manner on how they access an information. The first one possess the ability to gain information through their own use of extrasensory perception and the latter will pick up information through another source such as a spirit guide, an angel, or someone who has passed on. 

How Do They Work?

Every psychic work in different ways. Some see visions / images, hear messages, access knowledge through smell and through any of their senses. Some just simply know through intrinsic knowledge.

They connect with clients through different avenues some hold hands, read palms, ask questions, communicate with spirit guides etc. Some use crystal balls, books, tarot or gypsy cards for their readings.

Clairvoyants in Toronto

In Toronto you will be able to find a lot of genuine and reputable clairvoyants. They are considered world class and are highly rated due to their accurate and reliable readings.

They also have different areas of expertise. Some can communicate with the dead / animals / other entities that people do not see in this physical world, some can predict the future, some can help heal, some can supernaturally perceive pasts events and a lot more.

5 Ways A Psychic Can Help Organize Your Life

  1. Fresh take in life – Brings you a different perspective on how to see life in general.
  2. Sparks wisdom – Helps you to come up with new strategies for dealing with problems.
  3. Purpose – Helps you to re-frame your goals, find your sense of purpose, why are you here, who do you live for, what you want to do and achieve.
  4. Move on from the past – Helps you to stir away from your past and bad memories that hinders you to move forward.
  5. Prepare for the future – Helps you to “stay in the now” and prepare for what’s in store for you in the future

Listen with an Open Mind

Glimpse of the past, current troubles, readings and forecasts can be sometimes frightening, overwhelming and might be difficult to understand. That’s why psychic’s are a big help in times like this. If you listen with an open mind they will be able to make you understand what’s happening, come up with strategies to deal with it and your possible choices moving forward. Bear in mind this is not an immediate life changing antidote to your problem but a helpful and reasonable solution.

Open yourself up to endless possibilities!

Give it a try and you will definitely have an answer to your troubled mind and weary heart. They have an excellent team that provide insightful, precise and reliable readings.

Mattress Hunt

It’s been ten years since my husband and I got married. We have shared a lot of good and of course bad experiences as well. Married life is never easy but I always believe that married life is what you make it. So my husband and I try our best to make our lives happier as the days goes by.

In light of a recent “nightmare” that we have shared, we had a lot of sleepless nights, nights spent tossing and turning not because we were fighting, but because of a hip and back pain. In the past few days we both had hip and back pain which is getting more and more consistent.

We thought that we already lack of exercise, or could it be also because of stress from work or any activity that we have recently done. Then we came to realize that it may not be because of something that we do, it could be something that we both use that gives us pain.

We normally spend a lot of time in the couch or in the bed once we both get home from work. We love movie nights and spend a lot of time in the couch, our couch is really comfortable and we only purchased it roughly 2 years ago. Meanwhile our mattress was bought a few weeks before our wedding, so that was already 10 years ago. It became obvious that our mattress is the problem.

A bad mattress can make you toss and turn

According to healthline:

If you regularly wake up at night from hip pain, the way you’re sleeping or your mattress could be to blame. A mattress that’s too soft or too hard could trigger pressure points, which may lead to a sore hip.

Let the hunt begin!

Buying a new mattress is very important to enhance the quality of a good night’s sleep. This will in turn add a lot of good health benefits to your body. According to Memory Foam Warehouse:

The right bed is extremely important to our health and well-being because our sleeping environment will affect the quality of our sleep – which in turn has a big effect on how well we feel, both physically and psychologically. A bed with the correct support, comfort and space will ensure you wake less, move about less, are less disturbed by your partner and are less likely to wake up feeling tired or aching.

When you start your hunt either online or even through visiting a physical store it can be overwhelming and physically tiring. So it is important to know what you are looking for before you purchase your mattress.

Back to the mattress hunt, my husband and I decided to create a check list of our own and match it and see what are we both looking for in our new mattress. Since our preferences are quite the same it’s a bit easier to choose for us. Of course we highly look for a product that we get the value for money. That is why we were really happy when we had our top two picks of mattress: Nectar vs Dreamcloud Mattress. Both really hit a lot of check marks in our list and if we choose from either of the two, it’s a definite win.

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