According to Subnet Construction, “a living room is considered the heart of the home”. Men spend most of their time in the house in the living room. Going by this, your living room should be comfortable, functional and appealing to you and your visitors.

Perhaps you’re just setting out as a bachelor and make your apartment look good or you’ve been on your own and want a change in the settings of your apartment, here are five of the best small men’s living room ideas for you.

Your house says a lot about you and the story begins from your living room. Your living room is a reflection of your taste in color and size, preferences in terms of art, sense of style, etc. Size does not deter you from having a great living room.

If you’re considering having a small-sized living room due to space or financial reasons, these ideas will help you. They are a perfect match for big, medium and small-sized living rooms.

What Are The Basic Things You Need In Your Living Room?

Your living room is not it without some items. For anyone, bachelors most especially, to be comfortable, these items must be present. They are not negotiable and provide practicality and comfort to your home. Your living room should have good furniture.

Your sofas should be made of quality leather or materials that are soft, and comfortable. They should be practical and cozy. There are several table shapes and sizes, your choice should match your sense of style and every other thing in your living room.

Your chairs and tables should be expertly designed with comfort and style in mind. Curtains come in various sizes, style, and design. The blinds should match everything else so they don’t stand in isolation.

There should be gadgets to match. Technology should have a reserved place, especially if you want to keep up with the 21st-century demands and get aptly entertained and informed.

You should have good audio and video devices, a proportionate television and other gadgets you might fancy. A man should feel at home in his living room.

Hang paintings of your favorite artists and this will add color and style to your living room. Not that your whole wall will be covered with vanities but you should have an appropriate touch of class and added comfort. You can keep a bookshelf by the side.

Books are an amazing means of self-development and having a bookshelf speaks of responsibility. Remember, your living room says something about you. But once you have a bookshelf, stack it with books and read them!

You can acquire all of these but you will need to combine them properly to achieve the most presentable design and that’s where the ideas come in. Here are five living room ideas we think are very good for bachelors. They are classy and ever relevant.

The designs are well-thought and the items look good together. You can decide to have a living room just as any of these or just take a cue from them and get perfectly inspired. Either way, this post is for you.

List Of Five Best Small Living Room Ideas For Men

1. Perfect For Professional Or Academic Bachelor

Picture of best men living room idea

This living room is perfect for a professional or academic bachelor. Packed with a comfortable sofa and table, you can relax and get entertained from your screen.

If you want to work on that project or read something, you’re covered too. Talk about style and class! This is small and comfortable, perfect for every young bachelor.

2. Classy And Comfortable

Picture of mens living room

Any bachelor will love this living room. The colors are harmoniously blended. Made of quality leather, the sofas speak style and class while not neglecting comfort. The curtains are exquisite and apt. This is a perfect small living room for all bachelors.

3. Simple But Sophisticated

Picture of best men living room

Wow! This is sophistication in simplicity. The furniture is appealing and the table is just the right match. The rug is plush and the best fit for it. In this kind of living room, you are oblivious of the passage of time!  The ambiance is captivating. The size is portable and the design is perfect. 

4. Own And Maximize Your Space

Picture living idea for men

This small living room is practical with everything a man needs for comfort. The sofa is well designed and comfortable for relaxation and reading. 

The screen and the bookshelf are proportionate and synchronize with everything else. This living room is conducive to work, study and relaxation. Whatever you want to do, you’re good to go.

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5. Wealth And Creativity

Picture of best living room idea for men

This is a wealth of creativity on display! This living room is suitable for every bachelor. Every item is well arranged. The wall is aptly utilized and the floor is just as amazing.


These styles were picked with bachelors in mind. We considered their comfort, the suitability to their work and the practicality of the living room. The preceding ideas are to set you on the right path of getting your living room up and classy.

If you’re planning to get an apartment soon, do not spurn these ideas. If you’re planning on touching your living room, you have the perfect suggestions at your disposal.

All of the examples speak creativity, class, and moderation in size and expenses. You get to have the best there is without spending too much.