When it comes to furniture anywhere in the world, you need to purchase one with reliable material, assured durability, and have a good return for your money. When you’re in China, the same need applies. You are only assured of these qualities when you buy from the best China furniture manufacturers.

This post will save you the stress of searching for reputable and reliable manufacturers as well as the disappointment that comes with ‘wasting’ your money if you fall into the wrong hands. Here is a list of the best five furniture manufacturers in China with a good reputation to match.

List Of Five Best Furniture Manufacturers In China

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Buser project is a hotel furniture manufacturer and they are reliable for quality furniture to fit any kind/standard of hotel. They produce furniture of various materials, finishes, and colors. They have a sort-after Showroom and Logistics Center located in Istanbul.

You don’t just want a competent manufacturer; you will also appreciate a friendly one. Buser project is rated high in customer relations. They offer free architectural support for customers.

They examine your hotel and professionally decipher your furniture need, make a design for you to view and approve before production. Their furniture is durable and comes with an eight-year warranty!

Buser project was picked among the top five because the have earned it. Established in 1986, Buser Project has decades of experience to its credit. From establishment to date, they have produced furniture for several hotels in 26 countries. Their reputation is global and their customer satisfaction rate is 91%.


This is another master in the game. This brand is known for quality furniture and customer satisfaction. They specialize in building high-class furniture for restaurants, hotels, clubs, villas, cafes, etc. Founded in 2003, they have more than 15 years of experience with a healthy reputation to match.

 Interi Furniture is fast growing with two manufacturing bases – one in Guangzhou, China, and another in Foshan. The later is specifically for hotel and bulk production.

They have branch offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Foshan, Cambodia, Changzhou, Ji’nan, Xi’an, and Handan. Wherever you find yourself among these locations, you just walk into Interi Furniture and you would be fully satisfied.


Artech Furniture Group is located in Guangzhou. It is a reputable company in the production and supply of quality and durable furniture. They specialize in hotel furniture and custom-made residential furniture for sample houses, villa, and apartments.

They have worked with several hotels including Hilton, Holiday Inn, Four Season, etc. Established in 2004, they have garnered an impressive reputation for fifteen years and counting.

The customer satisfaction rate is impressive; they have annual sales of 6M to 24M. Patronizing this brand is always a smart choice.


Lianxia Furniture is located in Foshan 528318, China. This is another trusted manufacturer of quality furniture.  They focus mainly on producing ash wood series home furniture.

If you need a durable sofa, cabinet, coffee table, dresser, nightstand, chairs of all kinds, bed, dining table, etc., all you need to do is contact them and watch creativity at its peak. With a high customer satisfaction rate and a good reputation, you need not fear that your money will go to waste.


The fifth but not the least in this compilation is the trustworthy Guangdong Fumeida Office Furniture Group. The company was established in 2004 and is located at Zhongshan, Guangdong. They have fifteen years of market excellence and customer satisfaction.

Their products are reliable and durable. With them, you know your money is well spent. They specialize in office sofas, office chairs, office tables, file cabinet.

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What Is The Selection Criteria?

Before coming up with this list, a scrutiny of these five companies had been made. Our focus is on tangible results and not just hearsay. We considered their reputation, customer satisfaction rate, and past work record.

Looking into these areas, we found out that these companies are among the best furniture manufacturers in China. We were not blinded by the number of years in the market but considered the results available over time.

Several people have reviewed these companies and can testify to the quality of their products. We selected them to suit all kinds of furniture needs. If you want furniture for hotels, restaurants, offices, and houses, you are sure to get your desired results at one of these manufacturers.

This goes to say that within this list you can have any kind of furniture for any designated purpose made. Their charges will not bore holes in your pocket and you will have the very best.

Our selection was also done in light of the companies or organizations they have worked with. Any manufacturer who has gained the trust of high ranking companies and successfully sustained it is worth considering. These manufacturers have worked with several high-profile businesses without a hitch.

Considering this, we are certain that they are more than capable to handle any project you might have. These companies have taken their time to build their empires such that they are without an iota of doubt the best in the industry.