Designing a house and mending the interiors is not as easy as you think. It needs a lot of expertise and at the same type a lot of creativity. But do not worry, we are here to back you up.

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It is important we first work on the needs of the clients. We research their requirements and we make sure that their needs are fulfilled.


People know us for the hand-picked treasures in our storefront, but we put just as much passion into our design services.


Once the designs are ready, we turn that into reality. We are always close to perfection and you will love what we are doing.

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Hunt & Gather offers flexible design consultancy services and can work with any budget. Whether you’re just looking for a starting off point, need a professional opinion on a project, or require full service consulting from conception to installation, we’re here to help. Design services and initial consultation start at just $250 and vary depending on the scale and scope of the project. Send us an e-mail for more information!

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We believe in environments that are welcoming, layered,  and inspiring.

By mixing modern and vintage elements, we create spaces that feel comfortable and timeless.


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Our living room is beautiful, unique, functional, and reflects our personality. It makes us so happy! Kelley and Fernando clearly understood our vision and added their own magic. We are spending so much more time in the living room than we used to – it makes us insanely happy!


Creative Director, East Grand Rapids

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5 Ways A Toronto Psychic Can Help Organize Your Life

Do you know what psychics do?

They read minds, predict the future, move objects without touching it, levitate, talk to the dead and make money. These are just some typical stereotype definitions of what people think they do. The real and ethical ones are way more than these, like Toronto Psychics.

If you dig deeper, you will find out more useful insights. Their aim is to understand your query / problem (may it be related to love, career, family, money or anything else), they will handle what it is that you are trying to find, explore the situation with you, direct you in the right path and indicate some possible choices that you may have for the situation.  

Psychic and Clairvoyant: The two are very similar and both can perform accurate and insightful readings. The only difference is the manner on how they access an information. The first one possess the ability to gain information through their own use of extrasensory perception and the latter will pick up information through another source such as a spirit guide, an angel, or someone who has passed on. 

How Do They Work?

Every psychic work in different ways. Some see visions / images, hear messages, access knowledge through smell and through any of their senses. Some just simply know through intrinsic knowledge.

They connect with clients through different avenues some hold hands, read palms, ask questions, communicate with spirit guides etc. Some use crystal balls, books, tarot or gypsy cards for their readings.

Clairvoyants in Toronto

In Toronto you will be able to find a lot of genuine and reputable clairvoyants. They are considered world class and are highly rated due to their accurate and reliable readings.

They also have different areas of expertise. Some can communicate with the dead / animals / other entities that people do not see in this physical world, some can predict the future, some can help heal, some can supernaturally perceive pasts events and a lot more.

5 Ways A Psychic Can Help Organize Your Life

  1. Fresh take in life – Brings you a different perspective on how to see life in general.
  2. Sparks wisdom – Helps you to come up with new strategies for dealing with problems.
  3. Purpose – Helps you to re-frame your goals, find your sense of purpose, why are you here, who do you live for, what you want to do and achieve.
  4. Move on from the past – Helps you to stir away from your past and bad memories that hinders you to move forward.
  5. Prepare for the future – Helps you to “stay in the now” and prepare for what’s in store for you in the future

Listen with an Open Mind

Glimpse of the past, current troubles, readings and forecasts can be sometimes frightening, overwhelming and might be difficult to understand. That’s why psychic’s are a big help in times like this. If you listen with an open mind they will be able to make you understand what’s happening, come up with strategies to deal with it and your possible choices moving forward. Bear in mind this is not an immediate life changing antidote to your problem but a helpful and reasonable solution.

Open yourself up to endless possibilities!

Give it a try and you will definitely have an answer to your troubled mind and weary heart. They have an excellent team that provide insightful, precise and reliable readings.




Enhancing your Affiliate Marketing Business With Clickfunnels

I have been scouring through the web finding ways to enhance my affiliate marketing business. Although I did see decent guides left and right, there was still something missing to achieve my vision of completeness. Every day I try my best to optimize the returns on my website in terms of affiliate marketing but only had average returns.

At one point, I told myself I had to try something new. I saw this nifty website called Hustle Life that talked about something called Clickfunnels and showed how to get an extended Clickfunnels free trial. It was something new for me so I did a bunch of research about it before diving in. You can visit the web page to view the complete specifications of what Clickfunnels have to offer.

How Clickfunnels Can Benefit Your Business

Strategically thinking of ways to enhance your business can be very time consuming but necessary. In terms of creating new strategies specifically for Affiliate Marketing, business2comunity said:

There are 2 ways to go about implementing or modernizing an affiliate marketing strategy. The first way is to partner with one of many affiliate marketing companies who already have strong relationships in place and have a firm grasp on running successful affiliate marketing campaigns. The second way is to run affiliate marketing in-house and if you decide to do it this way, be sure that the person running it has a lot of time to dedicate to this strategy in order to do it right. Whether you go with an agency or run it in-house, be sure that your affiliate marketing strategy embraces these 3 steps to maximize success.

Strategy is a key factor in your business, but of course the method on how you execute your strategy is what matters. You can have a great marketing plan but implementing it may be a totally different thing. As said in an article from medium:

Choose two or three marketing methods you can afford to put time, energy and/or money into consistently.

Consistently is italicized because marketing success is all about repetition. A prospect has to see your message 7 to 28 times, depending on which source you read, before they will buy.

Affiliate Marketing, like any other businesses, always needs to adapt to change. The greatest thing about this time of age is that there are a lot of resources that are readily available. Imagine the difficulty of having to market your own product way back in the 1960’s. Today, you can reach millions of people with just one click of a button.

Ketogenic Diet: What Can I Eat?

I learned about ketogenic diet through my sister’s doctor as he suggested this when we found out that my younger sister have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a hormonal disorder. As per the doctor, when you are on this diet your insulin drops significantly and from a PCOS point of view this is helpful as the patient tend to have a high level of insulin to begin with. High insulin levels cause ovaries to produce too much testosterone which makes the symptoms worse. So my sister decided to learn more about this as it sounds promising and effective as well.

Where to Begin?

Her initial concern was what are the foods that she can eat. Well there are tons and for sure you won’t starve. We found this very interesting website that helped us find sumptuous meals to prepare and there are a lot of options to choose from. Having found this, my sister got more excited and willing to pursue this type of diet. Ketogenic diet as defined by Doc’s opinion:

Ketogenic diets emphasize foods rich in natural fats and adequate in protein and restrict foods high in carbohydrate. While the standard American diet contains 45-65% of calories from carbohydrate, ketogenic diets usually restrict carbohydrate intake to about 2-4% of calories.

A typical ketogenic meal includes a small amount of protein, a source of natural fats (for example, butter, beef tallow, lard, duck fat, cream, olive oil, or coconut oil) and some green leafyvegetables.

Don’t Panic!

My sister was simply enjoying her diet, well I did too as we normally share the food that she prepares when I come over to her house since I don’t really cook. One day I visited her and was really excited because she mentioned that she will cook Crab Stuffed Mushrooms with Cream Cheese that she found from one of the keto cookbooks that she had. When I came, there was no food prepared as she was sick. She mentioned that she has been experiencing headache, fatigue, body pains, brain fog, low energy and have a bad breath. She was a bit panicky as she was blaming what she ate recently so we went back to her doctor and found out that she was just experiencing some side effects of the ketogenic diet.

According to the netdoctor:

The transition to a ketogenic diet can also sometimes cause side effects, that are often referred to as ‘keto flu’. These side effects can include:

  • Low energy levels

  • Brain fog

  • Increased hunger

  • Sleep problems

  • Nausea

  • Digestive discomfort

  • Poor exercise performance

  • Bad breath is also a common symptom, due to the production of excess ketones which are acetone-smelling (often described as the smell of rotten fruit).

After such events she continued to pursue the diet and eventually became okay and her PCOS was also gone. Up to now she sticks to the diet plan as she already enjoyed it ant really felt the positive impact of ketogenic diet in her health and the same goes for me as well.

Mattress Hunt

It’s been ten years since my husband and I got married. We have shared a lot of good and of course bad experiences as well. Married life is never easy but I always believe that married life is what you make it. So my husband and I try our best to make our lives happier as the days goes by. In light of a recent “nightmare” that we have shared, we had a lot of sleepless nights, nights spent tossing and turning not because we were fighting, but because of a hip and back pain. In the past few days we both had hip and back pain which is getting more and more consistent. We thought that we already lack of exercise, or could it be also because of stress from work or any activity that we have recently done. Then we came to realize that it may not be because of something that we do, it could be something that we both use that gives us pain. We normally spend a lot of time in the couch or in the bed once we both get home from work. We love movie nights and spend a lot of time in the couch, our couch is really comfortable and we only purchased it roughly 2 years ago. Meanwhile our mattress was bought a few weeks before our wedding, so that was already 10 years ago. It became obvious that our mattress is the problem.

A bad mattress can make you toss and turn

According to healthline:

If you regularly wake up at night from hip pain, the way you’re sleeping or your mattress could be to blame. A mattress that’s too soft or too hard could trigger pressure points, which may lead to a sore hip.

Let the hunt begin!

Buying a new mattress is very important to enhance the quality of a good night’s sleep. This will in turn add a lot of good health benefits to your body. According to Memory Foam Warehouse:

The right bed is extremely important to our health and well-being because our sleeping environment will affect the quality of our sleep – which in turn has a big effect on how well we feel, both physically and psychologically. A bed with the correct support, comfort and space will ensure you wake less, move about less, are less disturbed by your partner and are less likely to wake up feeling tired or aching.

When you start your hunt either online or even through visiting a physical store it can be overwhelming and physically tiring. So it is important to know what you are looking for before you purchase your mattress.

Back to the mattress hunt, my husband and I decided to create a check list of our own and match it and see what are we both looking for in our new mattress. Since our preferences are quite the same it’s a bit easier to choose for us. Of course we highly look for a product that we get the value for money. That is why we were really happy when we had our top two picks of mattress: Nectar vs Dreamcloud Mattress. Both really hit a lot of check marks in our list and if we choose from either of the two, it’s a definite win.


Can you make money selling furniture online?

Selling furniture online can be a terrible task to think of doing. That’s if you don’t really want to do it, but you need the money.

But what if you want to actually make money? What are some simple ways you can do that?

Thankfully came out with 6 handy tips to sell furniture online:

New year, new apartment? Maybe not entirely, but it might very well be time to finally get rid of a piece that bogged you down emotionally last year. If for you it’s a “vintage” IKEA bookshelf that only continues to stay standing by the grace of God, look to the curb. But if it’s a nicer piece that you’re just sick of looking at, or a hand-me-down you’ve been wanting to upgrade, or even a thing you bought new that just doesn’t work the way you want it to, there’s always the resale market. Sure, you could take the item to your neighborhood consignment shop (and we fully support that move, if they’re into your stuff!), but it’s even easier to post it on one of the many digital resale sites that are continually cropping up to service this exact scenario. There are some tricks to making that go very smoothly, however, so here are six steps to successfully selling your furniture online.

1. Find the right site (or, okay, app). There’s certainly no shortage of options out there, so how to know which is best for you? By simply poking around these sites you’ll be able to get a feel for the kinds of products that shoppers go to them for, which should help you narrow down to one or two you’d like to try. Start by listing a few items on a single site and see how you like the process before committing whole-hog to it, and try a new one if it ever lets you down. Here’s what we like to sell on a bunch of sites:

  • eBay: vintage lamps and mirrors; antique and vintage rugs

  • Craigslist: near giveaways that you want to off-load ASAP (price them to sell!)

  • Etsy: artwork and medium-size vintage furnishings, such as chairs

  • Chairish: trend-forward items (this is the place to off-load anything pink, rattan, or velvet, for example)

  • AptDeco: larger or unwieldy pieces, as they have a service that will pick up and deliver if you sell

  • EBTH: a whole home’s worth of stuff, as they’ll help handle photographing, cataloging, listing, and delivering

  • Previously Owned By a Gay Man: the stuff you wish you could keep

Previously owned by a gay man? LOL I guess that’s a good thing, right? While those sites are all well and good if you trying to sell your own furniture, what if you trying to sell somebody else’s furniture?

And by that, what if you are trying to earn a PROFIT? This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. You can actually sell furniture without having to touch it by sharing the profit with a manufacturer. There are affiliate courses like Affilorama that actually goes into detail on how you can set up your own website or campaign to sell other peoples stuff.

Well I hope you found that helpful, stayed tune to our next post!

Characteristics of Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinets
The cabinets are offered in a myriad of style and are produced up of unique components. Corner cabinets can be put from the way, and utilize unused space. Bathroom corner cabinets are a distinctive bit of furniture that won’t work in every room but for the best space it can be the ideal remedy to a storage issue.

The majority of the cabinets are easy to install as a result of their unique triangular form. Kitchen cabinets are fantastic designs that arrive in various styles and patterns that are only lovely but you need to be prepared to devote enough bucks for the demands since they don’t come that cheap. In reality, kitchen cabinets today, are deemed to be a simple kitchen necessity for their capacity to organize a kitchen in the aptest approach.

Cabinets are both trendy and of fantastic utility. The cabinets may also be customized according to your demands and the available space. Bathroom cabinets can decrease the clutter in your bathroom in various ways. So it really is quite significant to pick the cabinet in accord with the style with the bathroom.

Corner Cabinets and Corner Cabinets – The Perfect Combination

Cabinets are composed of a selection of materials, can be found in myriad colours and can be classified into different kinds based on their position and size. A corner cabinet is great for rooms that don’t have a good deal of floor space. It’s possible to likewise select your corner cabinets from a broad collection of colours and styles as outlined by your space style. A conventional means to address a corner cabinet is to put in a set of rotating shelves. It’s possible to likewise select your corner cabinets from a broad collection of colours and styles based on your area style. There’s a particular kind of corner cabinet that’s best to use as a china cabinet that would be ideal in the majority of dinning rooms. The top corner cabinets are merely shelves so that you loose the capacity to get to things in the rear of the cabinet.

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Corner Cabinets Is Wrong

The cabinets won’t only dress up your space but they will produce the way that your kitchen functions far more efficient. Corner cabinet is just one of the furniture pieces which may be used to save a bit of space for our home or workplace. It’s important to find the corner cabinets straight, as you will likely attach more cabinets to every side. Just like the ones you can get from this Brampton Kitchen Cabinet company. You could possibly should search to seek out the kind of corner medicine cabinet you want, but you shouldn’t have an excessive amount of difficulty locating it.

Cabinets have a broad selection of door styles. They can be built to store microwaves, and small appliances like grills can be stored away in a cupboard or pantry when not in use. You will be able to likewise get bathroom cabinets that are open and which have a good deal of shelving. Bathroom cabinets are a fantastic solution for this space that does have a completely free corner. Bathroom Cabinets and vanities are accessible within a broad range of models within the market. They are readily available inside a wide selection of models in the market place.

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